Tudor 7928 Macro

Tudor 7928 Macro photos It’s amazing to see the details that are barely visible but show up when you take some extreme close-up shots of a 1966 Tudor Submariner. The gilt paint shows all kinds of craters and the service marks mark the history of this 40+ year old watch that still runs like a new one. Mechanical watches are truly something special. If you’re looking for detailed information about Tudor make sure to have a look at the Tudorcollectorsite by Morgan from Denmark.

Kriegsmarine KM 720

Kriegsmarine KM 720 It is astonishing the number of timepieces of each kind which were budgeted for every type of ship. Many of the watches and clocks came from the little town of Glashuette in the mountainous area of the Erzgebirge near Dresden in Saxony. This is the home of the famous pocket watch and chronometer firm of Lange & Soehne, as well as other firms like Assmann. The German Bureau of Ships in Hamburg tested chronometers in Gesundbrunnen near Glashuette, far away from the coast. Many timepieces for the Navy were manufactured on the coast, e.g., the best known …